Why You Shouldn't Trust Page Graders & How To Fix Keyword Issues Yourself

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Page Graders & How To Fix Keyword Issues Yourself

Once you have created and optimized your site, you may want to be able how it will perform as early as you can, possibly without having to wait for weeks or months. SEO takes time, but we all want to get a better idea of how content may perform earlier rather than later, right?

That is why you may have considered using a web grader such as freegrader. Chances are, your page will fail the test.

But why is that and should you trust web grader results? In this short post, we will tell you why you shouldn't and what to do instead.

Why You Shouldn't Trust SEO Graders

Freegrader and other tools and plug-ins such as Yoast SEO will give you lots of indicators and more often than not, will behave as if your site was not optimized enough.

You shouldn't trust these results because if you do, you can end up over-optimizing your blog posts and pages, especially for your target keyword.

This is because they follow the idea of optimizing websites based on keywords. Which was what the trend was a few years ago and what you really don’t want to do right now.

If you've learned proper on site SEO recently, chances are you already know how to optimize onsite instead.

What to Do Instead

In order to optimize onsite, you want to look for keyword density based on the entire page, not just the content on the page.

You can do that using a free tool called SEOCentro.com: go over to keyword density, enter your page URL, fill out the capture, hit submit, and it will show you the keyword density of a page which includes the entire page, not just the content body.

This will allow it to look at things such as keywords in alt text, the text inside of alt text and images, your sidebar, your footer, and your widget area.

The parameters that you want to stay within — as a rule of thumb — are 2% on singular terms, 1% with two-word terms, and 0.2% with three-word terms.

Hopefully, this post will have helped clear your mind regarding page graders and how to really get a sense of whether your page is optimized enough.

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