Power Suggest Pro And How We Use It

Power Suggest Pro And How We Use It

If you are a follower of Semantic Mastery, you may have noticed that they often mention Power Suggest Pro as their favorite tool for keyword research. Why?

It is a simple tool with almost no learning curve, and it comes at an incredibly low price. There are alternatives out there that will charge you $800 a month for their keyword services, while Power Suggest Pro only has a one-off price of $77 dollar. If you are thinking of purchasing it, check out our discount link that will let you grab a lifetime license for only $57.

Today, we will not only explain why we like Power Suggest Pro so much, but also walk you through the steps to make the best out of this great SEO and PPC resource.

Starting From Google Trends

Over the past few years, we have developed a simple keyword research process that starts with Google Trends. Let’s say, for example, that you are interested in terms related to tree services in Virginia.

Google Trends will allow you to refine your search both time and location-wise. If the results for your search are scarce, you can expand your timeframe and be less geographically specific. In terms of time frame expansion, you can go as far back as 2004, when Google Trends was created.

You will then be shown historically relevant words for your seed-terms, and queries that have recently been on the rise. For our case study, that means being able to see the historical and recent search habits of people who are looking for tree services in Virginia. You are also allowed to pair terms, so that we could look simultaneously at general tree services and more specific tree-removals.

Your parameters will depend on your circumstances and location of interest, but as a rule of thumb for the US, we would suggest to start at state level within a time of five years, especially for niches that will not return massive results, such as indeed tree services. You could of course narrow your search down to one city for the last 12 months, but that could dramatically decrease your terms return.

Power Suggest Pro

Once you have a sizeable number of terms from you Google Trends research, you can simply paste them into a text file or spreadsheet and they will be ready to be run through Power Suggest Pro as seed terms.

In our case, Power Suggest Pro will then return a great number of terms associated with tree services in Virginia. The great thing is that these are Google suggested phrases, so you know that people are actively looking for them.

The benefit and reliability of this become clear as soon as we think of our daily experience as Google users. The majority of searches are performed on mobile devices, where the screen is taken up almost entirely by the keyboard and Google suggest with recommended queries. It is so much easier to tap on a suggestion than type a whole entry...right? So, that means the return phrases in Power Suggest Pro represent real, traffic-loaded phrase queries even when the same searches wouldn’t show any search volume.

Of note, Power Suggest Pro can be used with more than just Google results. It works with the major search engines (Bing, Ebay, Amazon) so that you get results from multiple search engines if you want. Depending on the data you are looking to collect this can be super helpful.

If you then try to run Power Suggest Pro’s return terms and phrases through Keyword Planner, you may get very low or no search volume data at all as just mentioned. This shouldn’t worry you, as Keyword Planner is an Adwords tool, and not strictly a SEO tool.

But you also now know that Power Suggest Pro’s suggestions come from Google suggests, and that automatically means that there is actual traffic in them. In picking your keywords, knowing that a phrase produces traffic is definitely more important than any metrics other tools might give you.

Of course, using Keyword Planner to analyze your phrases still has its uses. For example, a good amount of search volume data means that people are bidding on that particular term for Adwords and Google ads. Which in turn means that that particular term is likely to be profitable.

Digging Further

Depending on how broad you start and your category keywords, Power Suggest Pro can easily come back to you with thousands of words. From those, you can cherry-pick the most relevant long-tails and start ranking straight away and produce traffic for your website.

For the greatest number of results, you can perform a recursive search. This means that Power Suggest Pro will carry out an initial research to then search each result once again with even the suffix a to z if you decide to leave that on. You can easily imagine the massive number of quality results you will obtain that way.

Going back to our Virginia tree service case, by searching ‘cutting down trees’ you will get results as specific as ‘how much does it cost to cut down a queen palm tree?’ Of course if you operate in an area with many palm trees, it is likely that there are going to be a good number of similar queries, and you may start thinking of how to take advantage of this.

The easiest way would be to create a blog article or video targeting the topic. Being this a specific and long-tail search, the chances that you will rank highly and generate traffic soon for your website are extremely high. This can be a great tactic for yourself and client websites.

Targeting long-tail keywords seems counterintuitive when you know that the vast majority of your traffic will eventually come from a handful of terms - we are talking about a 80/20 or even 90/10 ratio. But targeting long tails will allow you to start generating traffic quickly and more importantly, to build a silo structure that will improve your chances in the future to rank for those short and hyper competitive words. If you want to know more about silo structures and why they are effective, you can have a look at our previous articles here.

This Power Suggest Pro review and best practices guide is aimed at getting you started quickly with one of the best tools on the market.We hope you will be able to put them into practice straight away in order to start driving traffic to your websites based on a powerful and easy to use tool that can save you time and effort.

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