Is It Possible To Obtain Free Quality Keywords Through Google AdWords?

Is It Possible To Obtain Quality Keywords Through Google AdWords For Free?

You may be exploring online marketing as a side job, or have decided to dive into it because you prefer a DIY approach to advertising your business online, or maybe you are interested in online marketing for potential professional development but still aren't sure whether it’s for you. However, there’s some great tools out there and while it may seem like you need to pay for all of these products or services at every turn... we have some good news for you!

You should not be surprised when the Google Keyword Planner starts showing ranges for search volumes though, as the only way to prevent that now is to be an advertiser working with Google. If you are not, you will only receive limited data for keyword search volume - this way, they simply encourage more and more people to work on the AdWords platform.

But if you really can’t or don’t want to pay for a pay per click advertising campaign yet, is there a way to set up one without incurring in any costs?

The short answer is: not really

But there are ways you can look for that will let you go around it for as long as you can. However, you should bear in mind that this is not ideal, and results will not be exactly the same as for a paid campaign.

A common method that you can easily try - if you still haven’t - is the paused campaign. Start by setting your daily budget as high or low as you wish, because it really is irrelevant. Then pause the campaign and look at the results. There is a chance you will still receive the information you need which will let you get more keyword ideas and search terms without actually running any ad groups.

The most efficient option

You should also remember that the Google Keyword Planner is an AdWords tool, and not a SEO tool. Many parts, including search volumes, will be different. If you want to try a more effective tool that doesn't give you volume metrics, Google Trends is really worth your time - you will find that it is even better than Keyword Planner for finding SEO terms.

Once you have done that and have developed your seed set of keywords, head to Power Suggest Pro to really drill on it. There are plenty of other keyword suggest scrapers, but Power Suggest Pro is our favorite.

These tools won’t give you search metrics, search volume numbers, or cost per click, and will just return a set of long tails for your seed terms. But you can rest assured those keywords will generate traffic, as they are made of suggest phrases.

Ever since mobile devices have taken over the majority of search traffic, suggest phrases have become crucial in terms of keyword identification as well as finding great long tail keywords.. That is because when a user types their search on a mobile, half of the screen is taken up by the keyboard, while the other is occupied by Google suggestions.

Of course many users prefer speaking over typing when performing a search online, but for what concerns typing, most mobile traffic comes from suggest phrases.

Even if this is not technically a tip for free campaign, it helps you avoid the problem of the lack of volume data. Suggest terms will give you quality, traffic-producing words provided by non-AdWords platforms.

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