Is Adwords Worth It for Lead Generation?

Is Adwords Worth It for Lead Generation?

By KeyDigger / November 26, 2018

If you are into online marketing or online advertising, you may be asking yourself whether Adwords generates enough quality leads for clients. Sure, it is quick and easy to set up, but profits can be smaller since you have to pay for the clicks. Wouldn’t it also be great to get more quality leads with adwords?

SEO takes a much longer time and you may not see results for months, but you have probably tried it before and know it works for you.

Is Adwords really worth your time and money? If you still haven’t signed up for the Local Kingpin Adwords training, you can check it out here.

Setting up a funnel with Adwords is fast and easy

Even if you are new to Adwords, two days is all you need to set up your funnel for lead generation.

Once you are comfortable with the tool and have most things templatized, you can reduce that time to just one day. Just create a generic funnel and clone it, swapping out the details.

We also suggest that you write out your processes so that you have a checklist to go through.

Within a few hours after submitting your first ad, you can start to generate traffic. Many marketers may be delaying using Adwords because they are scared of the investment or don’t have time to learn a new tool.

That included some of us. But as soon as they realize the speed at which they can get results, they are ready to swear by it.

You don’t need a verified address for local lead generation. Any mailbox or PO box will be enough to register local addresses, set up Google Adwords ad campaigns and use the location extension. If you have your specific ad set up properly and you are at the top of the search or the top of the ads pack, which has to do with the quality score, your ad will even end up in the first maps position.

Adwords will figure out what keywords work

Another perk of setting up Adwords funnels is that you can immediately see where the money keywords are for you. As explained in Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Sales And Marketing, the 80/20 rule applies perfectly to keywords. As to say, 80% of your traffic will come from 20% of your keywords, and this is especially true for Adwords.

All the work you put into Search Engine Optimization - keyword research, silo building, content creation, internal linking - certainly pays off. But it is a fact that many keywords and long tail keywords will get little or no traffic. This is not to say that they are useless, because everything reinforces your silos, which ultimately drives traffic. The point is, with Adwords keyword research can take 30 minutes, especially if you are using an alpha-beta campaign structure.  

By building a negative keyword list, Adwords will allow you to identify the terms that generate 80% of your traffic so that you can focus your SEO efforts strategically. Let Adwords test your terms for you, weed out the keywords that will fail to convert, and you will know where to invest time and money.

When it comes to paid advertising, fast and reliable data means business growth. With SEO, you can spend months working on a project set of keywords before you realize that it is not going to pay off as you hoped. That is why Adwords’ fast data is extremely valuable - if you can make it profitable when you pay for clicks, then it will be profitable for SEO.

Hopefully, we will have given you a good idea of why we love to use Adwords to set up funnels for lead generation and make sure our keywords will be worth our SEO efforts and ultimately generate traffic.

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