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The Best Keyword Research Tools We Use

By KeyDigger / June 3, 2019

Top-quality keyword research is essential. Unfortunately, top-quality keyword research also takes a long time. We are talking hours spent coming up with the good keywords and organizing them.  That’s why you need to outsource the heavy lifting. At the very least, you need to use tools that can speed up the process. Keep reading to […]


The Best Keyword Density Analyzer Tool and How to Use It

By KeyDigger / May 27, 2019

Are you writing or outsourcing content for your site? Of course, if that’s the case, you will want to make sure that it’s optimized for SEO purposes. A big part of the process is working on your keywords and making them relevant to your target field. But managing multiple long pieces of content can easily get […]


How To Find The Best Keywords For My YouTube Videos

By KeyDigger / May 20, 2019

At the heart of ranking and best SEO practices is good keyword research. There’s no way around it — if you work on the wrong terms, you will waste time and money and will not see the results you want. Fortunately, there are amazing tools out there that will do the hard work for you and […]


What Tool Should I Use to Check a Domain’s Ranking?

By KeyDigger / March 4, 2019

Are you looking for an SEO tool to quickly analyze domain ranking? If you’re after a simple tool that saves you all the hard work and manual typing, keep reading for our best recommendation. The Best Rank Checker Tool SEMRush is a very popular all-in-one marketing toolkit that covers most bases, from basic SEO, to […]


Where to Find The Best Keyword Research Service

By KeyDigger / December 3, 2018

We are regularly giving you our best advice and tips for keyword research and SEO optimization so that your business can thrive. That is our mission – provide digital marketers with the information and tools they need to succeed.  If you want to become a master yourself and get the best possible results, make sure […]


Make The Best Out of Keyword Research for Content Creation With Suggested Keywords

By KeyDigger / November 26, 2018

Keywords are crucial. Choosing the right keywords will help optimize your content, maximize your ranking chances, and therefore the business opportunities generated online. But how can you make that happen?  How do you find the right keywords, and how do you use them?  In this short overview to content creation based on comprehensive keyword use, […]


Is SEOCentro’s Keyword Density Tool Accurate?

By KeyDigger / November 12, 2018

You know what they say about too much of a good thing… That is definitely true for on-page optimization. To avoid over optimization, you can resort to keyword density tools such as the one offered by SEOCentro. In this short post, we will see how SEOCentro’s keyword density tool works, and whether it is accurate. […]


A Short Guide To The Best LSI Keyword Suggestion Tools

By KeyDigger / November 5, 2018

Nowadays there are plenty of tools out there that you can resort to when making decisions about your keywords. This can be a goldmine and an advantage, but identifying the right tool for your needs can also be confusing and time-consuming. Whether you’re trying to improve your content marketing, search engine optimization, or just want quality […]


How To Find The Perfect Virtual Assistant For Your SEO Business

By KeyDigger / November 5, 2018

As digital marketers, we reach a point where we realize that it is time to hire help. New clients and quickly increased workload make it necessary to outsource some tasks and delegate responsibilities. Keyword research is definitely a part of our job that can be easily outsourced. But many don’t know where to start from […]


Power Suggest Pro And How We Use It

By KeyDigger / October 22, 2018

If you are a follower of Semantic Mastery, you may have noticed that they often mention Power Suggest Pro as their favorite tool for keyword research. Why? It is a simple tool with almost no learning curve, and it comes at an incredibly low price. There are alternatives out there that will charge you $800 a […]

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