The Best Payment Tool For Keyword Research

The Best Paid Tool For Keyword Research

As searching for the right keywords is at the core of SEO, it’s natural that many tools have been developed to help marketers identify the best performing terms for their business. Each one provides different information and some are meant for specific platforms and content, like video and YouTube, social posts and Twitter, etc. As many of these services come at a price, it is important to figure out what works best for you, providing the greatest results with minimum costs.

In this post, we will discuss our favorite keyword research tool Power Suggest Pro, and the steps to take in order to make the best of it. We suggest Power Suggest Pro for several reasons. Although it works fantastic with Google, it can also tap into other search engines to provide the best suggestions. It lets you dig into data on nearly any demographic, which can be vital if you have a specific market in mind. If instead you haven’t identified a niche, Power Suggest Pro can help you find a hole in the marketplace that you can take advantage of. 

First things first: what you need to do before using Power Suggest Pro

Regardless of what tool you choose, you always need to have a clear strategy in mind to find the right terms for your campaign.

A great place to start is Google Trends. It’s a free tool from Google providing data on trending topics and related keywords around the web. Nearly every topic has something trending at any given time, so whatever niche you may be working on, chances are there will be at least a few quality trends available.

Customise Google Trends to your needs, and go as in depth as you need to. The tool allows you to see what has been trending during the past week, month, year and sometimes the past few years. You can also tailor your research based on location - from country to state, region, and city level. You will find this feature extremely useful if you are aiming for a local market.

After you have an idea of the results, you can test a few of these terms with a small AdWords campaign. This way, you will be able to see which words perform well in the real world. Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner are great exploration tools, but there is nothing as effective as true results from an advertising campaign. No need to worry about time: you will quickly realise which terms perform well and which don’t.

Google will also help you increase your original list of terms. If you go to the bottom of your search page, you will find a list of “related searches” that can help you get some inspiration for your next batch of words. Every time you add and try new terms, Google will provide you with more related searches, making this an endless source of potential keywords.

Another helpful step would be to look into the ads that appear when you search a keyword. The keyword planner can instead tell you directly how competitive a word is in terms of PPC.

Making the best out of your keywords with Power Suggest Pro

Now that you have plenty of words ready, insert them in Power Suggest Pro to see how well they rank. Power Suggest Pro will look into Google to see if these are good keywords to use and will suggest new ones, giving you the best options available for your chosen topic.

If you’re wondering why not just use Google Keyword Planner, the answer lies in specificity. The planner is not meant for SEO research and therefore only offers basic information on the quality of search terms. It is not unusual for Keyword Planner to provide search volume data for a specific term somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 searches - a range too broad for effective SEO.

You will find that Power Suggest Pro is fast and precise. By digging into the Google Suggest service, it will tap into the auto-correct function, and you will be able to see exactly the kinds of terms people are searching for. This tool will also provide hundreds of alternative suggestions in seconds.

As with all automated tools, you should not assume that Power Suggest Pro always knows best. The fact that certain terms worked great for others does not mean they will necessarily give you the same great results. But by getting data directly from the search engine and real search results, Power Suggest Pro is among the best alternatives out there to help you identify the terms with the greatest potential, offering the most useful information for the money. Considering the importance of getting quality keywords fast, we highly recommend it.

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