Should You Go After More Competitive Keywords To Rank Better Pages?

Should You Go After More Competitive Keywords To Rank Better Pages?

So you have built your website, researched easy and long-tail keywords, created quality content, and worked on your silo structure to reach your ranking goals. You have done everything by the book and noticed that you are driving good traffic and getting results. Is it time to step it up? Should you go after more competitive keywords now?

If you are in the right position, we believe you should. In this post, we will explain how to tell if you are ready and how to go rank for more competitive keywords.

It’s All About the Silo

As we said many times before, having a strong silo structure is the best way to achieve your ranking goals. If you have your sites siloed properly, you will be able to piggyback off the momentum of those longer tail keywords - the ones that are lower competition - giving you results more quickly and getting traffic to your site from the start.

Use those keyword sets that you're creating as supporting keywords. If you have your site structured properly, then you can go after the broader, wider, more competitive terms and use those quick results that you're getting to push the broader terms to higher results in the SERPs.

If you are having some really good results doing what you are doing at the moment, you can start to target that more competitive keywords and use your internal linking structure to ensure best results.

This means using blog posts and other pieces of content to “support” your more competitive terms. By doing this you’re lessening the amount of work like link building that needs to be done to get results from search queries that have high search volume and are highly competitive.

Ranking for Competitive Keywords Without a Strong Silo Structure

Without a strong silo structure in place, it is much harder to ensure lasting ranking for competitive terms. But what if you don’t have the time to build the best silo and yet still want results?

Even if you don’t have a really good silo structure originally, you can go back and use the virtual silo method to accomplish your ranking goals. You can do that without having to go in and change all your URL structures.

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