A Short Guide To The Best LSI Keyword Suggestion Tools

A Short Guide To The Best LSI Keyword Suggestion Tools

Nowadays there are plenty of tools out there that you can resort to when making decisions about your keywords. This can be a goldmine and an advantage, but identifying the right tool for your needs can also be confusing and time-consuming.

Whether you’re trying to improve your content marketing, search engine optimization, or just want quality content with relevant keywords, finding LSI keywords to use in your written content will help you rank higher and produce better content for your readers.

In this short post, we will look at different options available for LSI keyword research tools.

Our Favorite Tools

As you may already know from our previous articles, Power Suggest Pro is our go-to resource for LSI terms. Rank Spy is a great alternative, although there are several other valuable free versions available. These include: Uber Suggest, Keyword Shitter, Thesaurus.com, Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus, Oodles Suggest, Soovle, and Answer The Public.

Our best advice is to use suggest terms from the search engines, as they are usually easier to rank, provide traffic, and long tail keywords are great for many SEO benefits.

The one tool we would not recommend as a keyword suggestions tool is SEO Pressor. It can be tough on your website server and put a lot of pressure on the available resources. Always be careful of onpage SEO plugins or tools as they can lead to over optimization if you are not careful.

How to get suggestions from AdWords

If you’re in need of inspiration and more LSI terms, Google AdWords keyword suggestion tool - Keyword Planner - is also a fantastic option, even though it’s a PPC tool. You might be surprised, but not everything has to come from Google search!

Once you enter a term, you can then look at the keyword ideas or ad group ideas and find that they provide group terms that work well for silos and LSI keywords. What’s special about these terms is that they are usually the ones that would not come up with using other tools.

We hope this short list cleared the confusion for you and helped you get a first feeling of what’s on offer in the LSI keyword tool realm. You can find a more detailed description of the advantages of using Power Suggest Pro here.

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