What to Do When Ranking Videos for Difficult Categories

What to Do When Ranking Videos for Difficult Categories

You have hopefully realized that SEO ranking is a layered and ever-changing field. New techniques come up regularly and what worked yesterday may not necessarily work today.

At the same time, best SEO practices differ according to your niche and the content format that you are trying to optimize. 

YouTube videos ranking has particularly specific processes...but that’s where the power is - there’s processes!

However, some even think that only certain niche terms can get a video to rank for page 1. Is it true that if you find a keyword search that does not have a video on the first page, you should move on to other terms because Google is not allowing videos for it? Keep reading to find out the answer and discover our best solutions.

Does Google Prevent Specific Categories from Showing Videos on Page 1?

Yes and no. If you think that certain niches and search queries tend to show more videos on Google, you are correct. That is obviously the case for how-to queries, which naturally call for videos as that type of video content helps give a complete answer to search queries which also results in user engagement, more video views, and watch time.

It is also true that for other categories, videos are not the intuitive content to come up for search queries. That is why Google doesn't promote those videos to the first page as readily or as easily as it would for how-to and other video-friendly searches.

However, this doesn't mean that if you are looking at the first page of Google for a particular search query and videos do not appear, you should just give up. There are many reasons why videos may not be ranking on page 1.

If nobody attempted it in the past, for example, you will never know. Even more likely, someone may have tried it before but didn't really know what they were doing in terms of SEO. 

If you keep scrolling, you may find relevant videos on page 3 or 4 that are low-quality and not well optimized, or simply didn't have syndication networks.

If any of the above apply, you may be able to rank your video on page 1 just because you have a better method, a better process.

What to Do If You Want to Rank a Video for a Difficult Category

As mentioned before, there are indeed certain search queries that Google just does not like to promote a video for to page one. One example could be real estate terms and related general terms such as “realtor” or  “real estate agent + city.”

Even if you are working for a realtor in a small, non-competitive town, you are going to have a hard time getting a video on page one. That is because the first results are saturated with high-authority, long-standing websites.

Of course, you can still get results if you put in an extra effort. Here are a few real and tested ideas that may help:

  • Use press releases. Try to get in touch with local news websites.

  • Set up live events. These may be Google Hangout on air or YouTube live events.

With these two simple steps, we were able to bump difficult-to-rank videos to page 1 in the past.

However, all that hard work may not pay off as expected. It is not rare for a video to rank first for a few hours — or even minutes — before being pushed right back to page 2.

What to Do When Your Videos Keep Being Pushed Back

If that is the case, you are unfortunately struggling with a very difficult video category. Your best option is to start targeting things that are a little easier. In our experience, forcing it is really not worth the effort.

There are certain queries that Google just will not like to promote a video for to page one. It can still be done, you can force it, but how long will it stick for? When you realize that is the case, you’d better ask yourself: “How can I change my approach?”. Here is our best advice:

  • Target other keywords.

  • Find a different angle.

  • Remember that SEO is not your only option. Go the pay-per-click route instead. You will notice that you can still generate tons of traffic and at the moment, YouTube traffic is really inexpensive.

We know video ranking in tougher categories can be tricky and frustrating, so hopefully, this article will have given you some practical help to move forward.

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