How To Rank For Main Keyword On YouTube

How To Rank For Main Keyword On YouTube

Are you a video marketer and noticing that many of your LSI term videos are ranking for the same term on the same page? It is not necessarily a bad thing, but the ideal would be to see one main video ranked for a term and the rest of the items supporting that main video, right?

So how do you structure your videos to have one main ranking item? Keep reading to find out our best strategy.

How to Create a YouTube Silo

We’ve said it before: SEO silos are not just for written content. You can help yourself to perform better in google search results and user experience by simply using fundamentals like keyword research and adding links in strategic areas to create a silo effect.

By building a YouTube silo, you will have a head video ranking for your main term and a series of other videos supporting your structure.

This is how you set up your YouTube silo structure:

  1. Take the LSI keywords that you have ranked with other videos and put a link to the more general term.

  2. Make sure that everything is within a playlist, so you link to the playlist itself.

  3. Always link to the top video for the silo. This way, you will be reinforcing the relevancy through all the long tail keywords up to that top-level term.

Why You Need to Build a YouTube Silo

Setting up a silo-like structure for your YouTube playlist has multiple effects:

  • All the videos targeting longer tail keywords are also syndicating out across your networks.

  • This means that you are getting the backlinks, the social signals and the bookmarks to those links and embeds that are linking to your top-level keyword.

Are you still confused about how to create an optimal silo structure for your YouTube videos? Check out our YouTube silo training to start ranking today.

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