How to Rank a Video Optimized for a Single Keyword Branded Term

How to Rank a Video Optimized for a Single Keyword Branded Term

By KeyDigger / December 3, 2018

If you are following us, you will know that we often give advice on how to rank your videos, even for those of you who are just starting out.

But what if you have been in the field for years and tried every SEO move you know, but are still not ranking for your one target keyword? You already know that ranking for a one-word term is tough, so should you just give up? Is it simply too hard?

In this post, the Semantic Mastery team will give you all the best tips they have to help you with this difficult goal.

Know the Tricks

Before we go into this strategy, make sure that you have tried everything else. There is plenty of information out there about video SEO, but it can be scattered and difficult to figure out. Keep reading for a short and easy summary.

Let’s say that you have a YouTube channel focused on the real estate niche. Maybe your videos are a bit old, but they are still ranking well, especially for your branded term + location, branded term + apartments, etc. Here are a few steps you can try:

  • Purchase expired high DA tumblers.

  • Every day, add either embeds or images and anchored text for the branded phrase.

  • Get backlinks in the real estate niche. Buy them if need to link to your video.

  • Do an RYS Drive stack for the video. Once you have many drive files, use them for that one video.

  • Update the content, especially if it’s been a while.

  • Add a hashtag in the NAP, run a press release with the NAP in it and modify the video date. Try a press release that allows you to embed a video.

The Next Steps

When we have tried every SEO trick up our sleeve without getting the video ranking we want, our next move would always be setting up ads. Yes, you read that correctly - and it’s not just the direct traffic from the ads that we’re after.

If this is the case, don’t forget to set the geographic radius you are targeting. Geo-targeting and getting clicks from local IPs has a huge effect on local videos. You can go really broad with your targeting as far as topical or interest targeting — don’t worry too much on keyword targeting, and push instead on interest-based targeting. That is because it will deliver more clicks from local IPs.

You could also use affinity audience targeting, which will give you an enormous amount of clicks very quickly. Just make sure that you set your budget low for that. Although relevant traffic is not your priority, taking all these steps will end up bringing you geographically relevant traffic.

And from what we've seen, now that you’re “paying to play” you’ll start to appear higher in organic rankings. It’s not guaranteed but we've seen it enough times to know what to do as a “last resort”.

Hopefully, we have been clear and to the point in our advice for single-word, branded video ranking. Try all the steps and you will have a much better chance to reach your goal.

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