How To Use Prospecting Funnels To Get The Right Buyers For Your Leads

How To Use Prospecting Funnels To Get The Right Buyers For Your Leads

By KeyDigger / September 10, 2018

You have set up and optimized a few lead generation sites and have a sizeable amount of leads to sell. You spent time and worked hard to get your high quality leads and now want quality buyers for them.

How to choose what business or contractor to give your leads to? Do you even choose in the first place? What about spreading them among potential buyers as a ‘taste’? Should you give them away first and then contact the buyers to see if they want to continue?

If these are some of the questions in your mind right now, this article will help make things clearer, giving you practical and easy-to-follow advice on the 4 steps to implement immediately to get quality buyers through a prospecting funnel. It was written by Semantic Master’s lead-gen experts after years spent trying pretty much everything that’s out there first hand.

Step 1: set up a prospecting funnel

The most effective method is to create a landing page with a 3-5 minutes video. This is much easier than you think! The video can be a simple Video Sales Letter (VSL), which is as easy to create as a PowerPoint presentation. In your video, you will have the chance to explain your leads, show your Google search results ranking, or your incoming calls and emails volume. Need more to be convinced? 90% of customers say that videos are helpful in their decision process, and according to some, a good VSL can outsell old-fashioned sales letters by 300%.

Step 2: create a screening process

You might think that the first to reply will be your buyer, and of course that will save some of your precious time. This is not necessarily a bad strategy, and good deals can come out of it. Yet vetting your buyers is more important than you think: after all, it’s your web property that’s producing the leads. You don’t want bad contractors to use your leads and then attract negative reviews onto your digital asset.

A light screening process can be as straightforward as a Google form that potential buyers will have to fill out with basic information. Mind not to make it too complicated, it should only take minutes. This way, many will be ruled out simply because they don’t want to take this easy extra step and decide instead to move on. This lack of initiative makes them the kind of service providers you don’t want to work with in the first place.

Step 3: start a cold email campaign

Once you have your video and form ready, email all the relevant businesses or contractors in the specific field / town your leads operate in. You can go as far as forgetting to blind carbon copy them, so that everyone can see that their competitors have been made aware of your great opportunity. Now that your funnel is up, they will land on your page, and you can sit back for a while and watch it do its magic.

Step 4: start calling

Another great advantage of the screening process is that by this time, you will have a list of potential buyers who expressed genuine interest in your leads. That means no more cold calling! We all know how daunting cold calling can be, and how crushing can all those rejections be for your ego and motivation. Instead, now you will have a completely different conversation with people who actually took time to look into your offer and fill out your form.

We hope this article helped you get a clearer idea of how to attract engaged responses and choose quality buyers for your leads through a funnel. This is extremely important if you’re starting out, as it will save you time and also protect the reputation of your digital asset, all the while dramatically reducing the amount of cold calling. And if the idea of creating a prospecting funnel used to sound complicated, now you know it can be as simple as a landing page with a video and a Google form - you can even create it on WordPress.

And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out the video email prospecting course, which will take you through another great way to create a prospecting funnel using videos combined with email to get response rates through the roof.

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