How to Prevent Your AdWords Ads from Showing for Irrelevant Cities

How to Prevent Your AdWords Ads from Showing for Irrelevant Cities

AdWords is an investment. It will take time and money to set your ads up and start seeing results. So it is normal that you want to be as targeted and specific as you can with your ads — they need to reach a certain audience in a certain location and resonate with their needs in order for you to see results, right?

But what happens when you have optimized and narrowed your ads down but Google gets in your way?

What do you do when keyword lists from AdWords have names of different cities?

Let’s say that you are advertising a remodeling company in Alberta, Canada, but a large portion of your Google AdWords list contains American cities and states — is there anything you can do about it?

Why Your AdWord List Locations Are Inaccurate

This can happen to anyone, and it’s not because of something specific you have done while setting up the ad.

Using our example above, you’re seeing inaccurate US cities and states because the vast majority of search traffic is coming from Google US. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening for those who are not targeting a US-based audience.

What You Can Do to Fix the Problem

There are two ways forward to fix the issue.

  1. Set your advanced location targeting. Make sure that your advanced location options are set on where you are only. This way, it will only include people who are physically in your target area.

  2. Set an exclusion list. By using an exclusion list, you can leave out individual states or the United States as a whole - a great way to exclude locations based on physical location. Then, if someone searches “remodeling company New York City” while physically being in Alberta, Canada, your ad will not be shown to them, because you have New York City in your exclusion list. Regardless of how relevant your keywords are to their search (remodeling contract, home service, home builder, etc.), you will not show up because of your location exclusion list.

Hopefully, this will have cleared your doubts and headaches on the issue. You can go set up your exclusion list and see almost immediate results - saving both time and money.

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