Should You Optimize Video Titles for Long-Tail Keywords?

Should You Optimize Video Titles for Long-Tail Keywords?

Even though you are the expert and know that focusing on ranking videos for one term per content piece is best, sometimes clients will insist that you help them rank to the first page of Google for several keywords. For example, they may ask you to optimize a video for the company name, KW one, KW two, KW three, city one, city two.

Of course videos can rank for the target keyword and more (just like pages on a website) but in general it’s best to focus each video on one term so that a search query unambiguously returns results for that particular keyword.

So should you trust your instinct and optimize for one keyword at a time, or follow the instructions of your client? Keep reading to find out.

Why You Shouldn't Optimize for Long Tails

Especially if there is a location involved, you should try to avoid ranking for long tails. Even though you may have success, it will be most likely inconsistent.

What is most important is that you focus on one keyword, especially in the title.

What to Do Instead

When it comes to the SEO title of the video itself, the best way forward is to target one word per video.

There are tools available that will let you test many keywords by using a similar video - something  you only need to make once.

Then, add a couple of frames at the beginning or a couple of frames at the end that will change the overall structure of the video itself. You can now target multiple keywords in multiple cities and add them one at a time instead of trying to target multiple keywords or multiple cities per video.

For example, if a client wants to rank one video for three keywords in one location, or for one keyword in three locations, it’s all basically the same.

Whether they want to rank one keyword in three locations or three keywords in one location, you would create three videos for them.

You can give them a volume discount because it's almost the same video rather than three times the work. They get results, you can get paid for results - it’s a win-win situation.

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