How To Make Near Me Keywords Sound More Natural In Curated Content

How To Make Near Me Keywords Sound More Natural In Curated Content

Working with near-me searches in Adwords is easy to do, and obviously, brings great results for local businesses. But how to work those results in SEO?

It is easy to see why you would want to target “near me” keywords in SEO. Users search them often, and they almost always come up as suggestions when looking for services and products that are offered locally, right?

But once you decide to try and rank for “near me” searches, how do you make the terms sound more natural in curated content?

Work the Question, And Don’t Forget the Answer

The secret to making “near-me” terms sound more natural in SEO-optimized curated content is to work the question as well as the answer to the user search.

Shape your content into a question-answer format. Ask a question that includes your service or product, and then use “nearby” or “close by” in the answer. Google will directly relate your answer to “near me” searches and will direct everything that is concerned with the “near me”-relevant service or product to your content.

There are additional ways to approach near me SEO but this is one simple method that can be highly effective. Let’s look at some examples.

Some Near Me Examples

For this example, let’s say that you have a tree service company that is looking for leads in the nearby area. A “question” that you might use would be:

Were you searching for a tree service company near me?

Then, the answer (also written) would be:

Welcome to Tree Company XYZ, the best tree service company nearby.

Simple and effective this is a great way to use local search queries to improve your search results, get some additional long tail keywords, and can even be used to push your Google My Business listing higher (think about the posts…).

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