Making Sure Your Keywords Are Treated As Unique Keywords

How To Make Sure That Your Keywords Are Treated As Multiple Separate Keywords And Not As Variation Of The Same Terms In Adwords

Whether you are using Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, or other PPC channels, your keyword choices can make the difference between a successful campaign and a waste of time and money.

It’s easy to see how understanding keywords is clearly important for any marketer and there are issues that can come up before starting any project.

Today, we will focus on one of those small doubts, and more specifically on a common Adwords question.

Where is the line that divides actual different keywords from keyword variations in Adwords? 

Punctuation is Key

To make this clearer, let’s say that you are targeting the local home building market.

The search volume in your area is very low for this niche, which is why you decided to create one landing page targeting home builders.

You are setting up your Adwords funnel, and your terms end up being “home builders”, “new home builders” and “custom home builders”.

So, the question is - are these just relevant variation of the main term - home builders - or actual multiple keywords?

The difference is in the punctuation you use, and the way you set up your campaign.

For what concerns Adwords, quotation marks (“home builders”, “new home builders”, “custom home builders”) are an exact match. This means that your terms are treated as individual, different keywords.

Google will show your ads on Adwords when somebody types exactly home builders, new home builders or custom home builders.

If you're targeting a broad search term, or if you are targeting the similar match, for which you would use brackets instead, those are considered variations.

No punctuation would indicate what is known as a broad match where any of the words in the phrase will trigger a match. Broad, Similar, and Exact are the main keyword match types.

We hope to have cleared one of those annoying little doubts for you today, and that you are ready to target your keywords on Adwords now.

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