Make The Best Out of Keyword Research for Content Creation With Suggested Keywords

Make The Best Out of Keyword Research for Content Creation With Suggested Keywords

Keywords are crucial. Choosing the right keywords will help optimize your content, maximize your ranking chances, and therefore the business opportunities generated online. But how can you make that happen?

How do you find the right keywords, and how do you use them?

In this short overview to content creation based on comprehensive keyword use, we want to quickly show you how you can make content that has a greater opportunity to rank.

The right tools for keyword research

As we mentioned a few times before, our absolute favorite keyword research tool is PowerSuggest Pro. It is cheap with just a one-time fee, fast, and gives results for Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, and Bing. Quite simply, it is the best tool for keyword phrases. You can find it here.

Suggested phrases in the search results are the best option for SEO because they reflect queries actually typed in by humans. Even though they provide some metrics, tools like Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner will not give you the same results, simply because they are not SEO tools but rather - in the case of Keyword Planner - AdWords tools.

As the biggest search volume is carried out on mobile devices, the small screens are taken up almost entirely by the touch keyboard and Google suggestions. This means that an enormous amount of users will tap on the suggested phrases.

How to find the right suggestions

Let’s use a practical example by saying that you want to focus on transmission repairs in Richmond, Virginia. Simply type “transmission repairs Richmond VA” into Power Suggest Pro. The narrower your research, the shorter your keyword list will be. If you want to broaden your search and see what other types of suggestions can come up, just type a broader term such as “auto repair” with an asterisk (*) in. PowerSuggest Pro will go back and perform another suggest search from A through Z with your seed term.

At this point, you will have hundreds of suggested phrases that you can copy into a notepad and choose from. Some will be very specific and easy to rank for, such as “neon light repair”. By coming up as suggested phrases means that they are all being searched for by real users. That is, they drive real traffic.

How to use suggested phrases for your content

Once you have your list of results, you can filter them by relevance to your content strategy and start working on them. Turn them over to your writer or content creator, instruct them on the title and main terms to work with as naturally as possible.

Instead of optimizing for just one main targeted keyword as traditional SEO would have it, they can use multiple term variations - or LSI keywords.

You can also build silos for your ranking. If your niche is small you will not need to create a great amount of content.

But if you are using videos, you can create a YouTube silo with several videos targeting related phrases and supporting your main one, which in our case would be about transmission repairs in Richmond. 

When it comes to creating content, instead of many blog posts, we suggest that you create one well-written article or page that works different phrase variations - you can drive some backlinks to it and use it as link target for your videos.

Creating content from keywords is a great content marketing strategy that we've seen work when done properly.

We hope you found this quick overview insightful and easy to follow. We certainly believe that these steps apply to most businesses and will help anyone create optimized content to get closer to their ranking goals.

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