Is SEOCentro's Keyword Density Tool Accurate?

Is SEOCentro’s Keyword Density Tool Accurate?

You know what they say about too much of a good thing… That is definitely true for on-page optimization. To avoid over optimization, you can resort to keyword density tools such as the one offered by SEOCentro. In this short post, we will see how SEOCentro’s keyword density tool works, and whether it is accurate.

What does SEOCentro’s tool do?

SEOCentro’s keyword density tool will scan the entire page for keyword density. This is obviously a great first step to make sure you aren’t keyword stuffing - the tool returns the number of times that a keyword or phrase appears on a web page and will give you the total numbers for single keywords, two, and three-word phrases.

SEOCentro’s keyword density checker is free to use - although you have to check pages one at a time. This can be a great quick checkup or part of a process for a writer or VA.

WordPress plugins that give optimization tips only scan or optimize the content within the post body, or the article body of the page of the post. They don't take into account the entire page once it is published and they don’t look at the header, the navigation menu, the sidebar, the footer. Unlike them, SEOCentro is more comprehensive in its analysis, taking into account the total number of words on the whole page (sidebar, titles, etc), and that is part of the reason why we like it so much.

Finding your over optimization

But what happens if SEOCentro flags a certain number of terms - let’s say 9 - and for as much as you go through your page - you can only spot a lower number - such as 6? That is because the tool also looks at alt tags, or alt text, of images. That is where your over optimization may be hiding.

You can over optimize by having too many images that are stuffed with keywords, and it is great that SEOCentro takes that into account too.

This may be a very simple concept, but knowing it will save you a potential of headaches. If it makes sense for your projects, add this keyword density analysis into your workflow for content, sites, and more.

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