How to Identify Keywords That Convert

How to Identify Keywords That Convert

Let’s say that you are starting out with a new client. Let’s say that the project is in a new field you are not very familiar with. Of course, you want to figure out which popular keywords to work on, and figure it out fast. Possibly, you want to keep your keyword research investment to a minimum.

You came to the right place. Keep reading to find the best tried-and-tested free keyword tools and top strategies for keyword research.

The Best Free Tools for Keyword Research

If you're going to look for pay-per-click keywords, there's no better source than Google Ads Keyword Planner. The best part? It’s completely free. Before you know it, you will receive historical information on traffic volume for paid keywords.

However, Keyword Planner is not the best option for longer tail terms. There are plenty of keyword phrases out there that people are actually searching that will never show up on Keyword Planner, simply because no one bids on them. Because the metrics you are seeing are for paid traffic, Keyword Planner is not the best tool for SEO research.

If you are looking for the best ppc keyword generator software for SEO, we suggest that you opt instead for Power Suggest Pro. We cannot stress enough how impressed we are with its service. It taps into Google Auto Suggest and pulls hundreds, even thousands, of keywords and really long tail searches that users type into their search engine - or Google suggestions they click on. These are quality keywords that come from historical data.

Long tail keywords are ideal, especially when starting a new project. You may not get a flood of traffic, but you will know that you have very little competition - which is great to build momentum for more competitive words sitting at the top of your silo structure.

How to Figure Out Which Keywords Convert Best

When it comes to SEO, the 80/20 rule absolutely applies: 80% of your traffic is going to come from 20% of your keywords. And in the case of local businesses, it’s not rare to see a 90/10 ratio. It’s no mystery then that selecting the right, highly convertible keywords is paramount.

A very effective strategy to identify your money keyword is the Alpha/Beta Campaign Structure for Google Ads - basically, a short keyword discovery campaign in 4 steps:

  1. Search the broad terms with Keyword Planner

  2. Organize similar search terms into single keyword ad groups

  3. Launch a quick campaign with minimum investment

  4. Analyze data to identify your money terms

We guarantee that this method will save you time and money in the long run. Going into a new market or a new industry assuming that you know what the money keywords are (even if you are using Keyword Planner) is not a winning strategy.

If you're targeting competitive short-tail keywords, it could take you three or more months to get significant results from an SEO campaign.

Instead, we recommend spending a small amount of money on ads upfront - a few hundred dollars or so. Over the course of a month or two, you will have determined what your money and converting keywords are, and can build your SEO campaign around that.

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