How Do You Outsource Website Content For A Client?

How Do You Outsource Website Content For A Client?

If you are in online marketing, chances are you are a master of multitasking. And if your business is successful and your client portfolio is growing, you are already outsourcing many of those multiple tasks. Depending on what your client wants, you may have hired a web developer, a social media manager, or a well-rounded assistant.

There’s one thing that all your clients’ websites need, though: content. Creating and updating quality content for all the pages you manage can take up a lot of your time. But hiring writers can be expensive.

How do you outsource affordable quality content? Keep reading to discover our best advice for hiring great content writers.

Start Hiring Writers

The best way to outsource quality writers is interviewing and hiring writers. There are plenty of platforms like Upwork that will help you do just that. But they may make things lengthy, especially if you receive a lot of applications and need more than one creator.

Try using hiring funnels. Although setting up one seems like a long task, we guarantee that it will save you time in the long run. It will help you streamline the hiring process and screen multiple potential writers. You won’t have to go through all profiles manually and will end up with more than one quality collaborator.

Our favorite hiring funnel method is Outsource Kingpin, which we use regularly. You’ll be required to give each writer a small writing task in order to go through the process and of course, you will have to pay the candidates a small fee for their work. This is where we found some of our top contributors, who are still working with us years later.

By using a hiring funnel you’ll quickly weed out 50% or more of the applicants, and automatically set up the first tasks that will weed out another 50%...this means you’re left only with those who can follow instructions and perform tasks correctly - saving you hours of time and letting you interview only good writers.

Why You Should Not Use a Content Farm

You may be thinking that content farms are a cheaper option. After all, they are more affordable and do all the work for you. But really, you will end up paying more in the long run as that low-quality (if not straight out bad) content will mess up your websites and you will have to fix it all eventually.

Of course, there are great content providers out there. They only employ native/fluent-level writers with good experience and proofread everything. They always have editors as part of their team. But that’s exactly why they are the most expensive option. If you can afford it, it is worth considering. Otherwise, save yourself headaches down the road and hire your own writers directly.

The best part of having your own team of writers and creators?

You won’t have to worry about the boring details of content creation again. The main part of your job will be managing your content creation team, creating a marketing strategy and style guide, building management skills which are needed for ANY project or business.

Develop a Relationship with Your Writers

We soon realized that keeping your writers happy is very important. If you pay them fairly and are reasonable in your requests, you will have a reliable direct line with great on-demand content. Every time you’ll need great quality articles, press releases, or anything else, you’ll just have to get in touch with your favorite writers.

Moreover, if you have set up good processes and workflows, they will understand your requests straight away and will need very little guidance. The more you delegate and automate, the less you’ll have to do in the long run.

Writers and Curators

There is a difference between writers and curators, and that difference should be reflected in your hiring criteria. But more importantly, there is a difference between your projects.

For lead-gen websites and backlinking, we hire remote curators who are not necessarily professional writers. We are confident in our training and know they will succeed. Often, they are assistants from the Philippines who also perform other admin tasks for us.

For client sites — or if you want, “money sites”, we specifically look for native-level professional curators. Often, they are our most trusted writers whom we end up training in content curation to produce high quality content.

Hopefully, these tips will help you move your SEO work from content creation to team management, allowing you time to take on more clients and grow your business.

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