How To Find The Best Keywords For My YouTube Videos

How To Find The Best Keywords For My YouTube Videos

At the heart of ranking and best SEO practices is good keyword research. There’s no way around it — if you work on the wrong terms, you will waste time and money and will not see the results you want.

Fortunately, there are amazing tools out there that will do the hard work for you and suggest the best keywords to rank for in your niche. Keep reading to see the best tools for YouTube keyword research.

PowerSuggest Pro

PowerSuggest Pro is definitely one of our favorite options. Created by Ted Chen, this youtube keyword search suggestion tool is not only great for YouTube but also Google ranking. We use it on a regular basis, especially for generating long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are the best way to start ranking overnight on YouTube because they are usually less competitive terms. Simply open PowerSuggest Pro and type in your search term (also called seed keyword) and watch it work its magic. Within minutes, you will receive thousands of complex queries.

Want more options? Set up recursive results. That means listing the top 10 suggested Google search queries where the last word starts with an A. Then moving onto B and receiving 10 suggested search queries with the last word starting with a B. And so on all the way from A through Z.

The reason why PowerSuggest Pro keywords are of such high quality is because the software directly taps into Google suggest phrases via API. It acts as a keyword suggestion tool based on actual queries searched by actual users. As to say, you will be working on terms that people are currently looking for and drive real traffic. You can set it up for Google, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, and more.

The best part? PowerSuggest Pro is very affordable: it will only ask for a one-time fee — no strings attached — starting at $57. That’s a great deal for a YouTube SEO tool.

Tube Sift

Do you prefer to work online and want access to a more specific YouTube keyword tool? Then Tube Sift is for you.

Developed by Ted Chen in collaboration with Justin Sardi, Tube Sift is an entirely online version of PowerSuggest Pro. Because of its additional YouTube advertising features, it can be considered as more of an ads tool than an SEO tool. However, its SEO components are just as top-notch as those of PowerSuggest Pro.

On top of the long tail keyword research, here are a few examples of other features you can access:

  • YouTube channel searcher to find other channels and videos to use in strategic ways

  • Placement list building for YouTube ads

In general, our best YouTube ranking advice is to start from complex searches and work your way up to competitive terms via a properly built silo structure. By building your YouTube playlist as a web silo, you will reinforce your content and brand and support a high position for the short competitive keyword that you aim for.

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