How Much Direct External Link Building Is Too Much?

How Much Direct External Link Building Is Too Much?

A big part of optimizing your rankings is still link building. By building link infrastructure, you will boost your traffic, ranking, and visibility. Yet, of course, you don’t want to fill every post with external links, especially if you are working on a client site or network.

How much exact keyword external linking is too much for a third-party property that is not part of a Syndication Network?

Don’t Worry Too Much…

Let’s say that you have a tier 1 blog post on a high authority site. It’s made of original content and images that are not part of a Syndication Network. You may be afraid that it might be deleted if related content RSS feeds and auto-posting are found.

Is it okay to build links directly to that blog post to push your video up?

The short answer is Yes. If it is a PBN post, it would actually be a great way to start theming the PBN in case it wasn't done properly before. Try building inbound links to the PBN that are topically relevant.

Another thing you could do is not creating new links at all, but building links to the post from ones that are already existing.

… But Don’t Overdo It

Of course, and especially if it is someone else’s property, you don’t want to overdo it. You don’t want to spam their site with a ridiculous amount of links just because you want to juice a post up.

Ultimately, if you want to improve a tier 1, you should take care of that tier 1 fist. Take it slow and easy, work on it, and see what your best moves forward are.

Remember that sometimes, sites lose ranking because of link loss. You can see them slowly start to drip, going down in rankings. If that's your case, then you can boost your tier ones and that usually helps massively.

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