Short Guide To Select Keywords To Build A Link Campaign With GSA

Hacking Words: A Short Guide To Select Keywords To Successfully Build A Link Campaign With GSA And Similar Tools

If you’re into SEO, you will know that links play a crucial role in your ranking: having quality links from a variety of sources can actually make the difference between your website and the competition. If you have decided to build a backlink campaign, chances are you are now in the process of choosing the right keywords for it - and chances are, you’re not doing it alone. Tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker simplify the process of going from website to website to share your links, and allow you to insert hundreds of terms that would be difficult to research manually on Google.

This article will help you find and choose the most suitable words for your campaign through GSA and similar tools, allowing you to raise your ranking and maximize your reach.

How specific should you be?

For building link packages, drilling down to specific terms or product names may be the wrong strategy, as it could write you into a corner. Bear in mind that most people are not searching for a specific product by typing its name, but rather look for the results or service that the product can provide, and even for the broad area the product belongs to.

For example, if you were trying to market your tree trimming service, providing a link building tool with tree trimming-specific terms can harm your traffic. Instead, you may want to focus on home improvement, landscaping, lawn care and similar terms. Many more people are likely to search for these than specific tree trimming services, even though they actually need your service. Moreover, focusing on broader terms can pull in a wider audience who may not need your service right now but will in the future.

This is why it’s better to provide tools like GSA with broader terms, always making sure that they fit your niche. The SM Spinner service works the same way, aiming at broader terms for maximum effect. You can actually consider the process of identifying terms for your link building service as a funnel: you should focus on the top area first, which is wider, and then move onto the smaller part of your funnel, where you can use specific words and product names.

What does ‘broad’ mean, exactly?

It is obviously paramount that you keep your broader words relevant to your business and audience, and make sure that they perform well. If you like to do things yourself, you can carry out a simple Google search on the words you have in mind for your campaign. At the bottom of your search results, there will always be a block of “related searches” that can help you get some inspiration for your next batch of terms.  

If you’re short of time, there are plenty of tools that can do the work for you. Kirosheta and Google Suggest are great options - just add a few broad terms and the program will look into Google for potential matches.

One of the best tools available for link building and terms searching is Power Suggest Pro. After inserting just one word manually, it will tap into Google Suggest and generate hundreds of terms very quickly for virtually any niche you may be focusing your campaign on. The best part? You can choose to give it a specific product name, and it will still produce the same amazing results.

If you want to know what the competition is up to, try to give Power Suggest Pro a competitor product name. You will find out what terms they are likely to be focusing their campaign on, and will be able to take advantage of those words yourself.

Hopefully, this article will have given you a few tips to choose the best terms for your backlink building campaign, and explained the main advantages of using tools like GSA and Power Suggest Pro. Whether you opt for a manual or tool-assisted research, the bottom line is always to stay as broad and relevant as possible. Avoid using niche words and product names, and focus on the fact that the broader the term, the broader your audience.

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