Google Site Generator Versus Mass Page Generators For Lead Generation

Google Site Generator Versus Mass Page Generators For Lead Generation

By KeyDigger / November 19, 2018

When it comes to lead generation, it goes without saying that choosing your tools correctly is crucial. You don’t want to waste your time and money in something that doesn't deliver the results you are after. This is why in this post we will tell you what is the best option between Peter Drew's Google Site Generator and other mass page generators, and why.

Know What You Need

As always, the first step in making an informed decision is knowing your goals. Both tools are effective, depending on what you are looking for.

For link building and boosting assets - and as we have mentioned before - we mostly use Peter Drew's Google Site Generator. We use it as a link network building tool - as in, we use the Google sites to build links to other Google sites. Usually, we get a drive stack built with the G site for a project, and then use the Google Site Generator to build Google sites that create a link network that links to the primary Google site within the drive stack. And it's just a way to take advantage of Google properties to backlink Google properties.

We do not use the Google site generator sites for lead generation, or to rank. For that, we prefer mass page generators as one way to test quickly and find out what is viable and what is not.


Google Site Generator and mass page generators are not your only options. A great alternative is implementing the techniques and methods learned at the RYS (Rank Your Shit) Academy Reloaded (or save time and get Done For Your RYS services here) for both ranking and lead generation. They are experiencing great success generating leads just by using G Sites. Not necessarily implementing Peter Drew's techniques or mass page generator methods, but RYS Reloaded methods.