How You Should Be Getting Small Business Marketing Leads

How You Should Be Getting Small Business Marketing Leads

By KeyDigger / February 25, 2019

Small businesses and local contractors can become your online marketing bread and butter. But they also have smaller budgets and often less SEO knowledge than bigger companies.

It may be hard to explain them the benefits of having you handling their online presence until they see results in the form of lead generation.

In this short post, we will give you our best tips to get small business clients on board with less hassles and better results for your customer base - the business owners, and your digital marketing business.

Make a Clear Offer

The first step is giving them a detailed idea of what you are going to implement and how that is going to benefit them both short and long-term. This does not mean overwhelming them with “techno-babble” about the various products and fact it’s the opposite.

Let them know what results they can expect from each idea that you are going to implement and then go into details IF needed. In short, tell them about the vacation, not the plane flight to get there!

There are 5 consecutive steps that you can take to easily successfully generate leads for them.

  1. Offer PPC services to show results right away

  2. Optimize their website to show results in the long run

  3. Add YouTube to the mix if appropriate for the business (it is)

  4. Offer email marketing — simple weekly or biweekly emails to current and past customers should do

  5. Perform Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and charge hourly — it can be as simple as installing a hit map and setting up Google analytics

This is a professional and comprehensive base for a plan that will work with most of your clients. They will have short and long-term visible results as well as the analytical tools and reports to understand what they are doing right and what can be improved.

You’ll notice that we didn't talk about creating tedious blog posts or complicated email campaigns. That’s because clients rightfully want results. The rest can come later and might be part of these main areas.

Remember, stick to the basics and get results - if you were in their shoes, what would you want first?

Manage Expectations

When it comes to client retention, it’s all about managing expectations. If you are doing your job right but still losing clients a few months in, that means that you have let them set the expectations too high.

Be clear with them — if they are paying you X, they will get Y leads/visitors/whatever in return. You are the expert and they should trust your estimate.

Quantifying and reminding of results is also a great strategy. A nice touch we have tried before is adding simple data to your monthly invoice. Instead of just sending the bill, add a line or two at the bottom of your email stating how much they earned this month thanks to your services. The benefits are there, don’t miss out on an opportunity to reinforce them.

Ultimately,  don’t be too hard on yourself. Especially with small businesses and contractors, a certain amount of turnover is always to be expected and you should account for this in your business by continuing to generate leads for your business and keeping the pipeline full while also fulfilling work for current clients.

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