How To Get More Specific Search Volumes From Keyword Planner

How To Get More Specific Search Volumes From Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a free tool that is used daily by many of us in digital marketing. It allows you to research keywords to update your campaign, or look for valuable terms to start a whole new one. In order for you to decide which keywords are likely to perform best in a specific campaign, Keyword Planner provides you with forecasts such as estimated conversions, and historical data like search volume. These are essential since informed keyword choices are at the very heart of successful SEO, PPC, and online marketing.

But what happens when you cannot access specific search volumes? Sometimes Keyword Planner only shows a range, and that is unfortunate if you want to target a specific niche or location. In this article, we will give you a quick and effective way to get the ballpark figure you need when Keyword Planner does not provide it naturally, along with two resources that you can use as tutorial.

Adwords Manager

One way to proceed is to use an Adwords Manager account and a sub account. All you have to do is set up an Adwords Manager account and connect a regular Adwords account to it. You can then log into Keyword Planner from the Adwords Manager account, and it should open up specific search volumes and give you the desired data. There is a Youtube video guiding you through all the necessary steps here

Another exhaustive explanation is given by this Screaming Frog article‚Äč. Screaming Frog is an excellent and effective tool for those who work with multiple clients for SEO and on site reviews. In this article, they offer a clear tutorial on how to get more granular keyword data.

Hopefully, these two resources will have given you a good idea of how to obtain statistics and data that are crucial to your keyword choices. Remember that meticulous keyword research only takes hours, but will really make the difference in your marketing performance.

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