Can I Find Out What Terms Domains Are Ranking For?

Can I Find Out What Terms Domains Are Ranking For?

This may seem like a pretty simple, straightforward question. But if you’re thinking of purchasing domains for any reason, you don’t want to spend precious time researching on what should be a clear and easy task.

In this article, we will look at two ways to get information on a website’s rankings in terms of domain keywords. There are two main tools that allow you to do so and we’ll explore both options.

Option 1: SEMrush

SEMrush is an amazing tool that many online marketers swear by and we use it on a regular basis. It has tons of great features, and among these, keyword domains research.

In fact, most people will tell you that this is the only place they know that offers this feature. All you need to do is copy-paste the URL of any website, and SEMrush will show you the keyword phrases that it's ranking for, its pages and position. The only potential issue is that SEM Rush comes at a price, make sure that it makes sense for you to add to your toolbox, or use a free trial first.

Option 2: Bluechip Backlinks

This is where Terry Kyle comes to the rescue. His SEO tool allows you to purchase 100% topically-relevant expired domains that have links from authority websites like Wikipedia, CNN, Reuters, Harvard etc.

What is relevant for us today, is that it offers the same feature as SEMrush, but with no price tag attached, as it is actually connected to SEMrush via API. This assumes that you are already using the Bluechip Backlinks tool already - otherwise you will need to pay for access.

Again, type or paste the URL in, sit back and watch it do its magic. It will give you the keywords that it’s ranked for, the pages and position.

If you are thinking of having a look at Bluechip Backlinks, we are here to help: just follow this link and see how it works for yourself.
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