How to Estimate Pay-Per-Click Conversion Rates for a Client

How to Estimate Pay-Per-Click Conversion Rates for a Client

It’s great to be able to give an estimate of the results you can get for potential clients. You make promises that you know you can keep and they sign up knowing what they can expect.

However, giving estimate pay-per-click conversion rates and average cpc to a new client in a new niche is near-impossible. There is no magical tool that will calculate the rates for you without data. Here is what you can do.

Explain Why You Can’t Give an Estimate From Nothing

If the potential client insists on getting precise estimates and average cost per action, a good starting point is always explaining your position. The truth is, there are simply too many variables involved. On top of that, click through rates by industry can vary quite a bit. These are just a few examples of variables you can give them:

  • Your offer

  • Your landing page

  • Your ad and ad format

  • The quality of traffic

Once they know what the problem is, they will be more open to suggestions.

Gather the Data

No software will make up a number without putting in relevant data. But once you have that information, even a simple Excel or Doc sheet can act as a conversion calculator.

A great way to get high-quality estimates fast is to propose a quick low-budget campaign through Google ads. We would suggest running the campaign for 3 to 5 days with a limited budget to gather the information you need. By then, you will have a pretty clear idea of what you can get for your client through paid search.

Of course, by tweaking the ads and landing pages as you go along, you will be also able to increase the ad performance over time. This is the best and safest strategy to come up with plausible estimates that can reassure your client.

Trust Your Experience

If you are not new to the field, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and make an estimate based on your experience and the benchmarks you have set for your own in your the past. That’s because after testing for a while with different landing pages, templates, ads campaigns, etc., you can come up with pretty realistic numbers.

However, if you are new to a certain niche, you need to have patience getting good data. In the meantime, it is also always a good last resource to check if there are niche-specific standards. It is not unusual to find average conversion rates for a special field, but mind that promising them without having the data to base your promises on can backfire. If you decide to take this direction, we suggest that you do so keeping in mind the lower-end conversion scenario.

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