How To Choose The Best Keywords For Your Content If You Are New To SEO

How To Choose The Best Keywords For Your Content If You Are New To SEO

Whether you want to increase sales for your product, look for potential cooperation or establish yourself as an expert in your field, maximizing your online presence is one of the most effective ways to achieve your business goals. Ranking high in Google - the world’s most popular search engine - will ensure that your audience gets easy access to your content, keeping the attention high on your business.

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the process that will allow your website to reach the greatest number of potential customers. One of SEO’s first and most important steps is identifying the keywords to use in your content in order to get maximum visibility. If you’re trying to wrap your head around SEO keywords, this article will help you identify the tools and strategies that best suit your business, using simple explanations written with beginners in mind.

Google-Specific Tools​​​​

The best way to find trending topics is Google Trends. This free tool allows you to dig into nearly any topic to see what has had an uptick in popularity recently. You can track the growth of any term over weeks, months or years. This can be very useful when you have a broad idea for your topics and want to funnel down to more specific words.

Power Suggest Pro comes at a cost, but it allows you to add as many or as few terms as you want and it will scrape Google to quickly find a great amount of related search terms that are gaining ground. It can provide hundreds of terms to work with, giving you the opportunity to dig deeper into whichever ones fit your niche best, at a very fast pace.

If you already have specific terms in mind and want to know how they are performing, AdWords is the right place. It is a fantastic way to get a general idea of the words you’re considering for your content, as it will tell you if they are being actively searched by providing data on how many search queries a word gets every month. If on the other hand, specific data is what you’re after, you may find that AdWord is not precise enough. Its result are not unusual to say that a search term performs 10,000 to 100,000 monthly searches - a range too wide for many.

YouTube-Specific Tools

If most of your content is in video format, you may consider opening a YouTube channel. In this case, Hangout Millionaire and Buddy VIP should be your go-to tools, as they are designed specifically to locate the best performing terms in the world of YouTube ranking, rather than that of a whole search engine.

Manual ​​​​Google Analysis

Fortunately, most of what you need is provided by Google itself. Simply by searching the terms you are thinking to work with and rank for, you will get an idea of the competition, history and Google-driven elements (such as vocabulary definitions and shopping results) involved in each word.

However, a huge number of recent searches is not always a good sign. Depending on the nature of your business goals, a popular term could mean a fierce competition, as many other content developers are aware of its performance.

On the other hand, ranking for a little-known term with very low competition may result in a waste of precious time, as it could not perform as well as you predicted, and never become popular.

The best strategy to ensure results for your efforts is to rank for multiple search terms. By carefully inserting multiple terms in your writing, there is a higher chance that you will rank well for at least a few of them. This is also true for your YouTube presence: posting the same video on several channels with multiple terms will allow you to boost its exposure. Working on multiple terms will also give you the chance to proceed by trial and error, identifying the terms with most potential and focusing only on those in the future.

It is important to remember that effective SEO takes time. Some of the tools and strategies we discussed are quicker than others, but don’t forget that Google itself will need time in order to index your content, and you may have to work and wait for weeks before seeing your website climb to the top of the search ladder. Taking notes of what is effective for your specific content is crucial, and you will realize that practice is the best way to quickly turn into a SEO expert.

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