The Best Trick To Improve Your Ads’ Click-Through Rate With Adwords

The Best Trick To Improve Your Ads’ Click-Through Rate With Adwords

Underperforming ads can feel like a nightmare. You have spent time and energy planning your campaign, searching for the perfect keywords, and worked hard to design the best eye-catching and compelling copy, but your ads results are still disappointing you.

This is all more frustrating when your Google Ads bid score is telling you that you have the potential to rank high on the first page...

On one hand you know you have put in the work and have your score to prove it. But on the other, the numbers are not what they should be. Naturally, you may be confused about what to do next in order to raise them.

In today’s article, the Semantic Mastery team shares with you their favorite real life tested technique to get more impressions for your underperforming targeted keywords and search queries in Google Adwords. It all comes down to one of the main and simplest business principles.

Increase Your Maximum Cost-Per-Click

It is that easy: increasing your maximum cost-per-click bid is very likely to improve the situation dramatically. If you are wondering by how much, that obviously depends on your specific circumstances. But to make an example, if your current maximum is set at $10, bringing it up to $15 means a chunky 50% increase.

The fact that you go that high in your difference of investment with an ad group will improve your quality, and will start getting you impressions and clicks. Once you get bumped up to the top of the page where you start scoring more clicks, then you can back your max CPC down again while still getting a higher percentage of searchers to click on your ads.

In fact, once you get a few clicks, you can look at what your average cost per click is, and decide to keep your max CPC bid just slightly above that. Remember that your quality score is going to factor into all of that as well. There might be other advertisers that have a higher quality score and are paying less per click than you are because they have a higher quality score.

Location Is Everything

The number one factor for increasing quality score lays in the click-through rate - in other words, having your ad in the proper position is going to also increase the click-through rate. Obviously the ad copy for specific search terms plays a crucial role as well.

If your ad is at the bottom of the page, it is probably getting a good number of impressions because the page is loading. However, as visitors need to scroll down the page to find it, it is not attracting many clicks. And that definitely affects your quality score, because your click-through rate goes down. By increasing your max CPC your ad’s position will change, and more people will be able to see it. Simple but effective, right?

Investment And Return

As with most things in business, sometimes you have to break some eggs to make an omelette. And as with many more business processes, the 90 days rule applies well to Adwords campaigns.

During the first 30 days, chances are you will notice that you are losing money. It is so normal that not losing any during this initial time would represent the exception. When the industry or the keywords are new, there is no need to worry if your campaign is not immediately profitable.

You can expect to go even during the second month, and start seeing solid profits around your 90th day into the campaign. By then, your paid search campaign will be running itself and need very little maintenance.

First things should always be first

If you are worrying about your landing page affecting your scores, remember that it only needs a few basic elements to pass the quality score test. The landing page experience is certainly part of your business, but from tests and experiments, we have not detected a standard pattern of improvements you can implement to raise your quality score.

More importantly, as long as you pass the quality score test, your landing page will not affect your scores nor your click-through rate. The landing experience will certainly affect your conversion rate, but that is something separate worth discussing in another article.

It is not a bad idea to start worrying about conversion optimization and your call to action only after the ad campaigns have already been optimized. So, focus on getting clicks first, and once you are sure you are doing that right, investigate whether those clicks are converted at the rate you want, and optimize the landing page appropriately. 

Hopefully, this article will have given you an idea of our best tip to improve your scores and adwords CTR. Additionally you should now be able to secure a better position for your ads, and focus on the right thing at the right time.

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