How To Optimize Anchor Text When Backlinking From Tiered Properties

Best Practices For Anchor Text Optimization When Backlinking From Tiered Properties

Having a backlink strategy in place can obviously benefit your ranking enormously, and online marketers have been using backlinks to improve rank, traffic, reputation, and relationships for a long time now. As it can be a long process, it is best to have clear ideas about what is going to work for you.

This article we will focus on the best practices to implement for your anchor text, and more specifically when linking from tier 3 to tier 2 properties.

For background, the anchor text is one of the strongest signals that search engines use for ranking. If multiple links point to a page with the right keywords, that page boosts its chances to rank well for the targeted phrase in the anchor text. However, it’s not always that simple...

Using the brand name and exact matches may not be a good idea

Usually, using the brand or company name when linking from tier 2 to tier 1 is a good strategy. Especially if you're linking to any type of social profile or citations, it would make sense to link to those using the company name, or brand name.

But we recommend that you don’t use it when linking from tier 3 to tier 2. That is because when searching the actual brand name on Google, if you have branded links from tier 3, then the name will seem to pop up all over the place with many irrelevant links. Once you’re “that far out” from your main property or website it becomes unnatural to have exact term and brand mentions - think about how it would look.

Moreover, using the brand name as an anchor from tier 3 to tier 2 is not ideal for potential users. Once a visitor clicks on the brand name, they will expect to go to one of your branded properties or main website. But when the link takes them to another article with yet another link, they can be frustrated by the whole process. Geo-modifiers are also not the best strategy at this level.

Use broad terms instead

The best move for  your tier 3 is to resort mostly to very broad keywords, URL anchors, and generics. Even better is if you can import your own keyword links to tools like GSA. When we say mostly, we mean in a really great percentage - think 90% broad terms and URLs, and 10% citations, with a few generics sprinkled in between.  

Generics can be phrases like ‘click here’, ‘learn more’ or ‘find out more’. In the beginning, it is normal to use many of these, but you will see that you will resort to them progressively less and less as you move closer and closer to your main website and properties.

In the end, you will have a majority of branding URL anchors and broad matches, a few generics, and some partial matches with brand or long strings of anchor text for it so that it helps with mobile search.

Hopefully, now you will have clearer ideas regarding the best strategy for anchor text optimization and will be able to choose the best keywords for your backlinking strategy.

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