Where to Find The Best Keyword Research Service

Where to Find The Best Keyword Research Service

We are regularly giving you our best advice and tips for keyword research and SEO optimization so that your business can thrive. That is our mission - provide digital marketers with the information and tools they need to succeed.

If you want to become a master yourself and get the best possible results, make sure to check out our MasterMIND for in-depth courses, hours of training video and other materials, as well as our customized support.

But what if you are just starting out and don’t feel ready to take that on just yet - or are just too busy right now - but want results fast for your business?

The great news is that we can now offer you keyword research services. You won’t have to lift a finger - we’ll do all the work for you and you can just sit back and enjoy huge traffic coming your way.

How Does It Work?

All you’ll have to do is give us more information about your business, your main keyword or niche - we do the rest.

There are 3 levels of research that you can order.

Basic - great for link building phrases

Complete - best for advanced link building & content ideas

Deep - perfect for niche research, website builds, client research, advanced content marketing. Highly recommended before entering a niche.

With the Deep Keyword Research Package” you get the combination of multiple tools, services, and methods, that would take hundreds of hours to learn and thousands of dollars per year to own and operate...all done for you.

Additionally, we take the data from the research and go several steps further. Not only do you get the raw research but it is grouped into silo’s, supporting terms, and with additional sections for commercial, education, and other keywords.

Let’s use a practical example. In the last 30 days, we worked for Mario's Cab Service, a taxi company in Charlottesville. We started targeting near-me keywords for them in the GMB posts. And because we work that into your weekly rotation of posts, guess who gets served whenever people are doing near-me searches for taxicab companies in Charlottesville? You guessed right.

The primary driver of traffic to their website is near-me keywords, that is how important this type of keywords are. And all this traffic comes from mobile searches. In just one month, they have had 134 maps impressions and 62 actions, which is very near 50% - an incredible result. Even if you are more of the DIY type, don’t forget to work near-me keywords, because you will lose a great amount of traffic otherwise, especially now with the mobile first indexing.

Great, Where Can I Find This?

We are constantly working to improve our service. Our goal is to get great traffic to your business without you needing to do any research yourself.

You can check this link to the MGYB Store with all of the Done For You services regularly to make sure you get our new and improved products as soon as they come out, as they will be limited.
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