How To Acquire New PPC Clients With Email & Video

How To Acquire New PPC Clients With Email & Video

By KeyDigger / January 14, 2019

Getting new clients is time-consuming and often frustrating, but it is, of course, one part of the job that you cannot overlook. Using customized videos for lead generation is lengthier than other methods but is a great way to maximize your chances that your efforts are rewarded..and the numbers show that using this method gives MUCH higher response rates!

If you’re not familiar with the basic concept, here it is:

Use videos in emails, either reviews or advice on how to update, improve, or otherwise alter a digital asset / campaign / whatever and use that as the hook in an email to a lead.

But what happens if you cannot get potential AdWords clients to open the videos in your email? How to spark curiosity and convince busy people to invest their time into watching your videos? Keep reading to discover our top tips.

The Best Attention-Grabbing Strategies

  • Feature one of their properties in the screenshot. If done properly, the screenshot (or still image) in your email will look like an embedded video. Even though using a still image is not the most effective method, showing their own digital assets will peak the attention of any prospective customer.
  • Use GIFs instead of screenshots. We have done the research and analyzed results. There is no doubt, it works best: we registered a higher percentage rate of people clicking through the video when using a GIF. Use portions that you extract from the audit video you have created and turn them into GIFs with programs like (you will need a paid account to remove the watermark). Once you have uploaded the video or copied the YouTube URL, choose the segment length that works best for you.To make sure that the GIF stands out, you can superimpose text or choose a moment when you are clicking from one of their properties to another. This way, you will know that you have piqued their interest.

How to Attract New AdWords Clients

It doesnt matter what service you are offering. AdWords account, maps SEO, video SEO, content marketing, web design … it makes no difference. What matters are **the two most important aspects of lead generation.**

Offer valuable information. Take a look at their AdWords work to get an idea of what could be improved. This never means being a harsh critic. People can have an emotional attachment to their digital properties — and understandably, their work in general — and you certainly don’t want them to become defensive.

Try instead to compliment what you are auditing, and then gently introduce suggestions and recommendations. People are especially receptive when it comes to potential opportunities that they may be missing and easy steps that they can take right away to boost their presence.

Portray yourself as an expert. Why should that list of prospects trust your judgment? Make sure that you did your research, and that it shows. Your advice must be professional and relevant at all times and done correctly will result in your growing your business.

Hopefully, these simple steps and overall mindset for lead generation will help you reach more people and making a lasting impression when prospecting clients. It takes some work and research, but it pays off.

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